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  • How to Press and Preserve Fall Leaves

    September is here and in the north, the leaves have already started to change. This brings a beautiful array of colour that blankets the the trees.  The Microfleur Max is the perfect tool for preserving all this color which can then be used in crafts, art, DIY projects, etc. 
  • Pressed Flower Artist: Ellie Roden

    We are excited to introduce you to Pressed flower artist Ellie Roden, who is one of the artists features on our Pressed Flower Gallery.  Ellie was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us.
  • Microfleur Debut on HGTV

    The Microfleur was featured recently on HGTV recently.   Home & Family host Shirley Bovshow did a wonderful tutorial on DIY pressed flower ornaments. It was great to see the amazing color retention of flowers pressed with the Microfleur on national TV!