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Pick the Best Flowers - Learn how to select the perfect flowers for pressing and achieve stunning results. - Microfleur

Pick the Best Flowers

Choose the Best Flowers

High Quality Flowers, High Quality Art

Flowers are so naturally stunning, which is why we love to preserve them and use them for art! While every flower is perfect in it's own way, not every flower is suitable for every project. Now, you can press any flower or plant you want to press. Go crazy! But if your goal is to press the perfect flower, you have to keep an eye out for just that: a perfect flower. 

Of course, no flower is actually perfect. But you can get pretty close! You want to look for flowers that are freshly bloomed, that aren't covered in hungry critters, and that aren't too wet/dry. If you do this, you have a good chance of getting great results!

The best part of the Microfleur press is how you can press flowers in just minutes instead of weeks. There is nothing worse than dull and damaged pressed flowers after waiting so long. By using the Microfleur, you get to know how your flowers turn out almost instantly! Because any pre-existing damage to a flower gets enhanced during the pressing process, you may end up with pressed flowers that don't meet your standards. Good thing you didn't waste much time! 

Pick your best specimens, and get to pressing!


Happy Picking and Pressing!


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