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Time of Day Matters - Learn when to put "pick flowers" on your daily to-do list for the best pressed flowers - Microfleur

Time of Day Matters

Time of Day Matters

When to Pick Flowers for Pressing

I'm not trying to be picky, but if your goal is to get the very best results, even the time of day can make a huge difference

Early in the morning, plants will have dew on them. The Microfleur press is great for wicking away moisture from the inside of a flower, but not the outside. Pressing wet flowers is not recommended, as they will not dry properly, and it could cause damage to the flowers.

Once you get into the afternoon, there's a chance the flowers could be a bit dried out from the sun. Sometimes this is easy to spot and the flowers will droop, but often you can't see sun damage until after the flower is pressed. Drying flowers that are already too dry can lead to brown spots and brittle petals that could break off. It's important to let a flower dry off, but not dry out, before pressing. 

If you have flowers in a controlled environment, like in your house or in a greenhouse, it makes it much easier to avoid any elements that could cause damage. But, if your only access to flowers is outside, this is one of the hoops you may need to jump through to achieve prime flower pressing results. 

Happy Picking and Pressing!


Fresh is Best - Choosing the best flowers will result in the best pressed flowers. - Microfleur
Pick the Best Flowers - Learn how to select the perfect flowers for pressing and achieve stunning results. - Microfleur

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