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Hand Crafter UV-LED Resin 25g Resin Microfleur
Hand Crafter UV-LED Resin 100g Resin Microfleur
Resin - Hand Crafter UV-LED Resin
Resin - Hand Crafter UV-LED Resin
Resin - Hand Crafter UV-LED Resin
Resin - Hand Crafter UV-LED Resin

Hand Crafter UV-LED Resin

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This LED UV resin is formulated specifically for pressed and dried flowers.  It is a must for pressed flower resin jewelry and crafts! It takes the waiting out of curing your pieces.  Once your piece is how you want it, put it under a LED UV light for 1-2 minutes and it is cured, hard, and clear.  Ready to go!

It out does other brands that have a problem with yellowing and stickiness.  Hand Crafter LED UV Resin cures completely, clear and hard.

The 8g bottle has an integrated brush for coating flower petals, finishing resin pieces, etc.  

A great companion to this resin is the UV-LED light.


  • Fast curing, using a UV-LED lamp, it can be cured in about 1 ~ 2 minutes.
  • It is non-yellowing
  • Low viscosity and easy to remove from molds.
  • Little shrinkage
  • Cures much clearer than general UV Resin brands.
  • After curing, the finished product is smooth and not sticky.
  • Cures hard - it does not easily bend when making relatively flat pieces

Curing times (approx.):

  • UV-LED Light (6W)         1-2 minutes
  • UV Light (36W)               2-4 minutes
  • Sun Light (Sunny Day)    10 minutes
  • Sun Light (Cloudy Day)   30 minutes

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