Flower Pressing Pals Pressed Flower Resource Site
Flower Pressing Pals Ever wonder how people get such beautiful pressed flowers and what to do with all those pressed flowers? Flowers are a free, renewable resource. This collection of pressed flower resources will show you how to press flowers...
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Microfleur Mastery Online Course
MIcrofleur Mastery Online Course Are you new to the Microfleur?  Or just looking for some tips?  Walk through using your Microfleur Microwave Flower Press with us and get the most out of your Microfleur right from the start   . Free Access!...
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Pressing Sunflowers Online Course
Pressing Sunflowers Online Course THINK YOUR FLOWER IS TOO THICK TO PRESS? DON'T STRESS! If you think you've met a flower the Microfleur can't press, don't quit yet! Here you will find some tips, tricks, and methods to finally conquer...
$ 47.00 USD
Vacuum Sealing Pressed Flower Art Online Course
Vacuum Sealing Framed Pressed Flower Art Maximize the color retention in your framed pressed flower art by vacuum sealing it.  In this course, you will learn how to do just that. You spend hours creating a beautiful piece of frames pressed flower...
$ 47.00 USD
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