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  • Press flowers in minutes
  • Free training available
  • Exceptional color retention
  • A great family activity
  • Fast
  • Easy to use

Experience the Difference

Press Thick Flowers

Whether it's pressing big flowers or pressing those thick ones that many have trouble with, in just minutes, Microfleur makes pressing thick flowers quick, retains the best color, and eliminates the problem of mold.

Life is too short to wait for dull pressed flowers

Dull, brown or even moldy flowers are disappointing. The flower being out of season so you can't try again is devastating. This doesn't have to be the case!

Get a Microfleur

Flower Press Kit Features

Exceptional Color Retention

Beautiful, Bold, Colorful Flowers

Press Flowers in Minutes

Beautiful Results

No More Waiting Weeks

Pick, Press, & Use Flowers in the Same Day

Ways to Use the Microfleur Flower Press Kit

It is not just a microwave flower press. It can be used like a traditional press and more!

Microfleur Max Flower Press Kit - Microfleur

In the Microwave

In minutes, you will have pressed flowers to use. This retains the best color. Plus, who wants to wait days or weeks?

In a Sunny Window

Not all flowers like heat. In a sunny window, the microfleur will press flowers in 1-3 days, depending on the flower.

When Traveling

Place the Microfleur on the dash of your car (not while it's moving/driving) and press flowers when on road trips.

Regular Microwave Flower Pressing Starter Bundle with Soft Cover Book - Microfleur

Get pressed flowers like this

Flower Pressing Tips

We want you to be the best pressed flower artist you can be.

Here are some helpful flower pressing tips for you.

Pressed Flower Blog

Flower pressing tips and tutorials.

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