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Here at Microfleur, flowers are a pressing matter. Our presses enable you to press flowers easily and quickly, leaving you with beautiful, bold colours and unlimited creative possibilities. With your flowers pressed, you can create greeting cards, scrapbooks, wedding invitations, works of art and more. This is an ancient craft, and will encourage you to become a forager of flowers, saving their beauty for later enjoyment. We are here to help, and encourage questions.  If you do not have your own gardens, you will find that gardeners love sharing their flowers and having having them preserved.

Flower pressing is an art which has been practiced for centuries. Depending on the skills of the crafter and the methods used, results can vary from excellent to total failure. The Microfleur flower press has been specifically developed for pressing and drying flowers in a microwave oven. Microfleur has brought reliable results within the reach of everyone’s talents, and most importantly, you know whether your efforts have been successful in a matter of minutes, instead of waiting for weeks.  Microfleur, after all, is but a means to an end, and that end is to promote the art, and bring it within the reach of today’s busy craftsperson. 

Be sure to check out our flower pressing tutorials. If you have a great tip of your own, we would love to post it on our facebook page, so that you may share your wisdom and help keep this ancient craft thriving.


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