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DIY Mother's Day Gifts Using Press Flowers - Microfleur

DIY Mother's Day Gifts Using Press Flowers

Mothers are very special people.  Mothers day is a very special day.  There are many ways to make our mothers feel special.  Flowers are a common gift for mothers on mothers day.  However, this year, why not give a gift that will let her enjoy flowers year round. 

The Microfleur Microwave Flower Press takes the drying time from 4 to 6 weeks, as it is with books, to just a few minutes, and is a great mothers day gift idea.

She can press flowers from her garden or wildflowers from her yard.  Once dry, they can be used it many beautiful works of art that can come in all different forms and enjoyed all year long... and beyond.


Or you use a Microfleur to dry flowers and make her a one of a kind gift with beautiful pressed flowers.  Here are some great tutorials and ideas for making a great mothers day pressed flower gift:

Pressed Flower Jewelry


Framed Art

Nail Art Kit





The Mother's Day Gift that keeps giving.

Pressed Flower Jewelry with Open Bezels - how to - DIY - Microfleur
Fresh is Best - Choosing the best flowers will result in the best pressed flowers. - Microfleur

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