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Pressed Flower Jewelry with Open Bezels - how to - DIY - Microfleur

Pressed Flower Jewelry with Open Bezels

Making pressed flower jewelry with UV resin and open bezels is a fun, rewarding craft.  Many people sell their jewelry at markets as well as on Etsy and other platforms. In this post, we'll go through how to make beautiful pressed flower jewelry using bezels and UV resin.  

Get the supplies to make pressed flower resin jewelry.  

I like to lay out my bezels and put the flowers in them so I can decide what flowers I'm going to use and how I want them arranged before I put the resin in them. Then I know the flowers will fit in the bezels or I can rearrange as much as I like before they are stuck down.  Then I can take the flowers out and start making my jewelry.

Let's get started.  

It is recommended that you first clean your bezels with some alcohol to make sure there is no residue on them. Start by sticking your bezel down on the packing tape. And this is just ordinary packing tape. You need it to seal the back end. So you want to push it down nice and firm so it sticks.

Some of my bezels have the hole going the other way and so they won't lay flat. So I just put some tape on this cardboard to lift them up so that this will lay flat on the tape. Stick this out over the edge of the cardboard.

Now we can start with our resin. I'm using hand crafter UV resin, as well as the hand crafter light, which is just wide enough to go over my tape. I'm going to start by just putting a little bit in the bottom so it will seal it and so my flower will sit more centered in the bezel.

Use a toothpick to spread it around as well as remove any bubbles. If you can't pop them, you can go down under them and pull them out. And to get to the finer bubbles out, you just want to go over it really quick with a lighter of some kind to pop the bubbles. You don't want to overheat the resin so make sure it just stays quick.

Now we're going to put in our flowers. This is where tweezers help, you'll be able to pick them up and position them where you want them, as well as toothpicks will work for pushing them around. You want to be very careful with the toothpick and you can push them around, position them where you want them. Don't push too hard on the petals because you'll get water spots that show up.

Now we're going to put the light on them. Once the resin is hardened, we put another layer on top. Flowers often float, which is why I like to stick them down in the first layer. And I know they're going to stay where I put them. You repeat the same process, pushing the resin to the side and popping the bubbles.

Be careful not to poke your flowers, cause you can still create water spots in the petals. Make sure you push it all the way into the corners. That's where bubbles like to form too, as well, corners and around the edges. They like to hide. Again you can lightly go over them with the torch, pop any bubbles. Be careful not to overheat your resin. Once you're satisfied and the bubbles are out, then we can put our light back on. It's nice and hard.

Do the same process for these two. Now I was using 10 grams and it did about these five bezels before it ran out. So that'll just give you an idea of how much you'll need to do your projects. And so I've poured my resident in, and I'm just doing the same thing that we did for the first ones, spreading it around and popping any bubbles. We're lifting them out, making sure the resin gets everywhere. It can be a little time consuming to do the bubbles, but it's well worth the effort to have a crystal clear finished product.

Now it's time to take them off the tape. Gently peel them off the tape and put them face down. So the part that was just on the tape is facing up, cause the part that's under the flower doesn't get a light, so it might be a little sticky. So we're going to put the light back on them to seal that up. And we want to make sure that there's no residue from the tape. You might get some, then you can use some soapy water and a toothpick or something to scrape that off.

You want to clean it all off of there because it will show up and be cloudy in your finished product. Once you've got all the stuff cleaned off, you want to make sure that they're completely dry before you apply your last layer of resin, because resin and water do not play well together. We're going to just apply another layer on top of the back to make it dome a little bit. This will finish it off.

You want to be very careful in doing this last layer, cause if you fill it up too much, then it might overflow and spill out over the edge. This will help smooth out the back if there were any ripples or any odd shape from being stuck to the tape. Just give it a well-finished look. Now, if it does happen to spill out over the edge, it can be fixed, it just makes a lot more work. Don't worry about it if you do, just be careful to try to avoid it in the first place. Now that it's not stuck to the tape it wants to moves around a little bit so you want to be very careful.

Do the same thing with the other ones that you're working on, and now you have beautiful pendants that you can turn into jewelry.

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