Pressed Flower Jewelry with Open Bezels

Making pressed flower jewelry with UV resin and open bezels is a fun, rewarding craft.  Many people sell their jewelry at markets as well as on Etsy and other platforms. Check out this video tutorial for how to make beautiful pressed flower jewelry with UV resin.  

Get the supplies to make pressed flower resin jewelry.  

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  • Posted on by Ari
    Hi I’m completely new to flower pressing.. I am getting started because my one year daughter brings me flowers from our garden everyday (with help from her father.. she’s not just out there alone) and there is a small little white daisy looking flower that she cannot walk by without yelling “MAMA MAMA” and asking to pick it to bring to me. According to my mom they will soon be out of season so I really want to press a couple and make a necklace out of one just to always remember moment in our lives.. my question is if I make this necklace and wear it everyday will the flower change color?

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