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Picking Daisies

Picking Daisies

The older the bloom, the thicker they get. And it's really tough. It's going to take a lot to press that, whereas a fresh bloom, is still quite thin in comparison and soft. So it's a lot easier to press. So you want to pick them, or it's ideal to pick them, when they have just opened, because the longer the bloom is open, the harder it's going to be to press and the bigger the middle gets.

Also, if you want smaller daisies, when they've been cut, like in your lawn, they come back smaller all around than they do if they... Now these ones are kind of past their prime, but than they do when they first grow. So if I was to cut this down, it would come back with smaller booms altogether. But look how as they really go, they really get thick and that's hard there.

Ethical Picking

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