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Ethical Picking - Learn the key to respecting the art of picking and pressing flowers. - Microfleur

Ethical Picking

Ethical Picking

Being Respectful When Picking Flowers

It's important to be respectful of others and of the environment when picking flowers. Not every flower is up for grabs!

You can find so many beautiful flowers when you're out in public: parks, fields, even on the side of the road! But some places like state and national parks have laws against taking anything from the property. 

Of course anything you grow yourself on your own property is yours do to with as you wish. Your neighbor? Not so much. If you see a stunning rose growing on your neighbor's new rose bush, you can't just go over and pick it. But you CAN bake some cookies to take over and causally mention how much you love flower pressing. Wink wink.

Anytime you come across a flower that you want to pick, just make sure you ask before you ask first!

If you find a patch of flowers that only has a few, don't take them all! Be sure to leave some for our pollinator friends, and so they can reseed and grow more. That way you'll have more flowers the next time you come by!

There are certainly flowers that grow in large patches, but if you see a flower is just getting started, you may only see a few blossoms/blooms. Whenever you pick flowers, just make sure you're leaving some behind so it can continue to spread for future picking! 

Happy Picking and Pressing!


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