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Ethical Picking

Ethical Picking

You do want to keep in mind where you get your flowers. When you're out for walks, you can find many beautiful wild flowers, but places like state parks, national parks, many of them it's actually illegal to remove things from the parks. So you don't want to be picking flowers there, but you can find them in fields and ditches.

If you're growing your own flower beds, neighbor, flower beds, just make sure you ask before you pick them, or you can come across all sorts of beautiful flowers. And if you find a patch that only has a few, don't take everything, leave some for the pollinators, leave some that will seed again. And so you will have more flowers the next time you come by.

Oftentimes wild flowers do have large patches, but if something is just getting established, you might only find a few blossoms/blooms. And so just make sure you're leaving something behind so that it can re-seed and grow again so that you can continue to enjoy and press the flowers.

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