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Regular Productivity Add-On Bundle

Regular Productivity Add-On Bundle

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Flower pressing can be habit forming.  It is just so enjoyable and having preserved flowers in art & crafts is rewarding.  

There will come a day when you have so many flowers you want to press that your press may get hot from continual use.  With the extra refill and liners, this productivity bundle will keep you pressing. You can switch refills and keep pressing while the other one cools.  This is also useful for thicker flowers that benefit from resting between bursts in the microwave.  The same can be done with the extra liners.  Flowers can also be stored between two liners in a ziplock bag, in a drawer, box, etc.  

Having extras/spares is just a good idea.

** Stop pressing and let your press cool if the platens (plastic) become very hot **

Items in this 5" (13 cm) bundle are extra parts for the Microfleur Regular Press.

Pressed Flower Project eBook:

  • Written the inventor of the Microfleur Flower presses.
  • Tips on color retention, storage, suitable flowers and proper tools.
  • Helpful for any Microfleur user as well as what to do with the pressed flowers, leaves, and foliage.
  • Ideas, projects, and instructions along with photographs.
  • Projects including making cards, applying flowers and leaves to candles and soaps, wrapping paper design, applying to trays, making coasters and works of art.  
  • Interactive Tabs for easy navigation.
  • Digital Download - Compatible with PDF readers, Goodnotes, etc. (program used will determine functionality - not intended or formatted for printing)


    • It consists of two wool pads and two cotton liners.  
    • The pads are designed to last for hundreds of cycles with proper care.
    • It never hurts to have a spare pair, as they get hot with repeated use.


    • Made of 100% cotton lawn fabric.
    • 10 pairs (20 liners)

    ✈ Shipped globally. ✈

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