• DIY Mother's Day Gifts Using Press Flowers

    DIY Mother's Day Gifts Using Press Flowers

    Mothers are very special people.  Mothers day is a very special day.  There are many ways to make our mothers feel special.  Flowers are a common gift for mothers on mothers day.  However, this year, why not give a gift that will let her enjoy flowers year round.  The Microfleur Microwave Flower Press takes the drying time from 4 to 6 weeks, as it is...
  • Pressed Flower Jewelry with Open Bezels

    Pressed Flower Jewelry with Open Bezels

    Making pressed flower jewelry with UV resin and open bezels is a fun, rewarding craft.  Many people sell their jewelry at markets as well as on Etsy and other platforms.
  • DIY Pressed Flower Stickers

    DIY Pressed Flower Stickers

    Making Peel & Stick Stickers with Pressed Flowers Stickers are something that is fun for all ages.  They can express ones individual style and likes.  Let's also not forget about that feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment that comes from simple peeling and sticking the sticker where it can be seen by you and your friends.  Just admit it... stickers are fun!
  • DIY Protea Christmas Angels

    DIY Protea Christmas Angels

    Christmas is a special time of year and it's not too early to get ready, especially with a homemade angel that looks good any time of the year. Join Shirley Bovshow in a making Protea Christmas angel as Hallmark Home & Family celebrates Christmas in July. 
  • DIY Pressed Flower Easter Eggs

    DIY Pressed Flower Easter Eggs

    Decorating Easter eggs is a tradition in many households.  It comes with the decorating of the season, much like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, (or pick your favorite day).  All have their own unique home decor involved.  After a long winter here in northern Wisconsin (we are still waiting for the snow to melt), Easter brings along with it, thoughts and sometimes the weather of spring....
  • Microfleur Debut on Hallmark Channel

    Microfleur Debut on Hallmark Channel

    The Microfleur was featured recently on HGTV recently.   Home & Family host Shirley Bovshow did a wonderful tutorial on DIY pressed flower ornaments. It was great to see the amazing color retention of flowers pressed with the Microfleur on national TV!
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